I am interested in experimental painting using gestural suggestions that capture the viewer’s imagination. I first became fascinated with abstract paintings when I began to study the works of the abstract expressionist artists of the 60s and 70s.
My work is characterized by free flowing brush strokes which give a sense of movement and balance. As the unfolding work goes through a series of evolutionary stages, I constantly investigate shapes and possibilities which end in a study of fresh unpredictability and visual excitement. Slowly I have developed the secret of my art which consists of a meditation on color and experimentation. With more involvement and regularity, I have learned to push each study in a certain direction.
By working in a nonobjective style, I have the ability to combine my love of color with informality of form to express the style I paint in always revising my intentions. My themes present different phases of my studies which are evolving and progressive. As a contemporary painter my work cannot remain at a standstill but must be a process of evolution. I am always open to change and what emerges is influenced by color, line, texture and geometric or organic shapes.